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My life is full of surprises that I even look forward in each day of my life. I grew up filled with so much love from parents and my siblings, laughter is our first deal in each day had passed. When we parted ways and build our families we then make it sure to still continue the laughers that we had when we were young through the use video calling. The bond still remain and we made it sure we find time to gather as one to celebrate as a family bringing our own families. That is our parents told us when they were still alive, to continue what they have started and be not forget the laughter that we had since the beginning.

It was such a nice feeling to recall the past of life, most especially if the memories is full of happiness and love. There is such a wonderful feeling every time you go back into it. There could never replace the joy and happiness that your first family brings to you. It will nourish in your whole life and it is the main reason why your personality loved and enjoyed by the people that surrounds you that even into your own family you will be able to adopt it and bring it on the spirit that you used to have since then. I really did not stop giving thanks to my parents who gave and let me be the person I am today, if not of them I would not be the person I am today.

So much things already with my past, lest us now talk about my present life. Let us talk about manhood for I want to go beyond more than a man can do in the world. As we all know that the world now has many things to do with how the person reacts on situations then people tends to grab it for regrets in the end is such a bad thing to have in the end. Well, I am talking about this for I have something so serious things to do with you.

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